EPTA INKS, the partner for the industrial printing
We are in the business since the 30s.
With our premium brands, MANOUKIAN ARGON, KFG and VISPROX, we have settled relevant milestones in the industry history. 
EPTA INKS designs, develops, manufactures and supplies valuable inks by means of different technological applications, such as Screen Printing, Pad Printing, Transfer and Rotogravure. 
The product portfolio is worldwide recognized for its superior quality and durable performances.
The value propositions cover all needs in demanding industries like Textile, Signage and Packaging.
The ability to listen to our Clients and to drive innovation through their processes  has  been  rewarded  in  over 100 countries,  with  long term and win-to-win partnerships.
EPTA INKS SpA, former  KIIAN Specialty SpA,  benefits  since  2014 from the corporate assets of  EPTA Group, a leading  international player in advanced technological finishing solutions. 
EPTA Group international  network  includes  local  organizations in the USA, India, China, Spain and Turkey

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Epta Inks Furniture, household appliances, building

The home environment is an expression of the different lifestyles that today discovers modernity without excess, basing choices on quality.

Epta Inks Membrane switch, PCB, Electronic devices

Satisfaction of any request amongst the most advanced technologies in hi-tech applications.

Epta Inks Sport gear, Toys

The feeling of being as attractive as a sports champion using helmets, tennis rackets or bikes…Enjoy your activities, no matter if practicing a sport or playing with a toy.

Epta Inks automotive

Put people, things and ideas in motion, all around the world.

Epta Inks Container Printing, Labels, Crates

Good quality packaging and high visual impact are part of the success of its content.

Epta Inks Security

A pool of specialized professionals working in synergy and supporting the customer in the choice of the best solution to protect its own brand and product.

Epta Inks Graphical screen printing, Traffic signs, Back-light

Refers to the design or use of signs and symbols to communicate a message to a specific group, usually for the purpose of marketing, notice or warning.

Epta Inks Garment printing, Roll to Roll, Sportswear

Creativity, innovation, respect for the environment to be the trendsetter in the textile business.

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